V65 Magna

V65_MagnaI love to go ride my bike, a 1986 V65 Magna by Honda. I rode motorcycle during Highschool and college, but upon entering the real world, finances and time did not allow for me to justify a bike. As life changed and I no longer was traveling every week, I decided it was time for another bike. I found it very difficult to find one I liked. One evening over several beers I blurted out all I wanted was that V65 I could not afford when I graduated high school. The guys with me asked why I didn’t go get one.

The search for the bike proved to be more than expected and after several years of bidding auctions and driving to only find a V45, I happened across one on the internet that sounded too good to be true. I called Fred, made a deal. I called friends and got a ride on a private jet to Wisconsin. Fred picked me up and drove me to the house. We looked the bike over, exchanged cash for title and keys.

I rode over the river and back into Michigan to the secretary of State and made that Magna mine. The adventure of the ride home is quite a tale, and you would need to join me for a couple beers to hear it.


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