Tired of facebook push notices?

by admin | October 13th, 2015

I decided a while back facebook is not a legitimate form of documentable communication.    If you want me know something, email it – like you used to send a letter.   If you have a quick question, shoot me a text – like a postit note.   If you want to entertain me, post it on facebook – like writing on the bathroom wall.

After coming to this conclusion, I uninstalled the facebook app from my phone.  I never had installed the messenger app, my phone already has SMS, MMS, Hangout & of course email.   But I started getting facebook notifications again.

I did some digging and figured out that facebook had weaseled into the Chrome settings on my phone to allow facebook.com to send me notifications through Chrome.   So I figured out how to shut them off.

  1. Goto Settings on your Android
  2. Go to My Device
  3. Select Sounds and Notifications
  4. Scroll down and select Application Notifications
  5. Scroll to Chrome
  6. Touch the settings gear in the corner
  7. You will find all the sites that have permission to send through chrome, there should be a Clear and Reset button.

Depending on your build these may vary  

My goal, less noise and more battery.


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